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It all begun when i was 12 years old, in my native city, Mar de Plata, in Argentina. Fixed the boards at the rooftop of my house that i was using as a workshop, filling resin odor the entire neighborhood, what i always considered as a good publicity, my neighbors didnt felt that way though...i fixed the boards where i could get one; at the beach, in the bus, in any place where i saw a broken board, i was already asking if i could fix it. I always loved surfing, since i was 7 years old, and i had this dream-idea of surfing with my own board at that short age. When i was 14 i shape my first 5-foot board, to be honest it was a mess, people commented that i was good looking board, but i still consider that as a compliment. I worked at my rooftop-workshop until i turn 18, then i went to working at a factory where they built everything related to surf, foams, shapes, glassing, repairs, etc...


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