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This is one of the newest members of our quiver at Cheboards.

Ideal for waves from 1’ to 6’ our riders surf this board in less powerful waves.

It is designed as a wide board with sufficient volume which provides easy paddling and makes it even easier to catch waves. 

It’s concave bottom with double concave tail will allow you to pass over flat sections with unbelievable swiftness. 

You will certainly want to have this board when summer arrives.

This board is available in 3 fin thruster or 5 fin set up.

Color/Finish = Customer’s choice.

LengthWidthThickVol (L)Kg pers.Level
5’8”19.252.531.050 - 63Beg/ Int
5’10”19.752.635.458 - 70Beg/ Int
6’20.252.7536.060 - 75Beg/ Int
6’2”20.752.8837.165 - 78Beg/ Int
6’4”21.25339.675 - 90Beg/ Int

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