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After working over successive seasons with the Legendary surfer/shaper Robert August, AKA “Mr. Endless Summer” we have achieved this harmonic funboard.

Characterized as fast, stable and maneuverable. 

The tapered bottom edges ensure that this boards glides like a longboard and has the softness of a shorter board.

Available with 3 fins up to 7’6” and the longer boards get a 2+1 setup.

Color/Finish = Customer’s choice.

LengthWidthThickVol (L)Kg pers.Level
7’2”21.52.6345.4< 75Beg/Adv/Int
7’4”21.52.6346.1< 78Beg/Adv/Int
7’6”21.52.6347.1< 80Beg/Adv/Int
7’8”21.52.6348.1< 85Beg/Adv/Int
7’10”21.52.6349.2< 88Beg/Adv/Int
8’21.752.6350.8< 90Beg/Adv/Int
8’2”21.752.6351.9< 95Beg/Adv/Int

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