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This is our favorite all around board. More volume for more stability and more control. The nose is pointed and has extra rocker for easy entry into waves.

This is the ideal board for the beginner and intermediate surfer.

Available with a 3 fin set up. 

Color/Finish = Customer’s choice.

LengthWidthThickVol (L)Kg pers.Level
6’0”20.752.6537< 70Beg/ Int
6’2”20.882.738< 73Beg/ Int
6’4”212.7540< 75Beg/ Int
6’6”21.52.8842< 77Beg/ Int
6’8”21.52.9543.3< 80Beg/ Int
6’9”21.83”46< 85Beg/ Int

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