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Mini Mop


This board was developed during the 2015-2016 competition season with the feed back from our youngest riders. 

Available up to 5’2” with either a round or square tail, this is the choice of board for Axel Castro and Valentina and Candelaria Resano, National and Central American Champions.

Available in thruster and quad fin set ups.

Color/Finish = Customer’s choice.

LengthWidthThickVol (L)Kg pers.Level
4’4”151.510< 22Adv/ Pro
4’6”15.351.6211.5< 26Adv/ Pro
4’8”15.551.6812.5< 29Adv/ Pro
4’10”161.814.3< 33Adv/ Pro
5’16.11.915.7< 36Adv/ Pro
5’2”16.25217.0< 40Adv/ Pro
5’3”16.52.1218.8< 43Adv/ Pro

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