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  • CB 2

CB 2


Volume + Stability = Control.

The CB2 has all of the qualities that will allow the best of your surfing abilities to shine through. 

More rocker in the nose and a double concave in the tail will make your turns more fluid which means more fun. 

This is the Longboard for the masses, beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer.

Available as a 2+1 or as a quad +box.

Color/Finish = Customer’s choice.

LengthWidthThickVol (L)Kg pers.Level
8’4”22361.255 - 75Beg/ Int/ Adv
9’22.5369.960 - 95Beg/ Int/ Adv
9’6”23377.665 - 110Beg/ Int/ Adv
10’23.53.1587.070 - 120Beg/ Int/ Adv