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  • JD Bond

JD Bond


The JD Bond is the board that JD rides.

Juan Diego the shaper of Cheboards designed this board for himself to enjoy endless noserides. 

The board has 50/50 rails and 60/40 rails towards the tail allowing him to stand on the nose for extended periods of time.

It is the ideal board for surf in the 2’ to 6’ range.

Available in square or pin tail.

Color/Finish = Customer’s choice.

LengthWidthThickVol (L)Kg pers.Level
8’6”222.7562.350 - 75All
8’8”222.8064.155 - 80All
8’10”22.252.8065.655 - 88All
9’22.52.8866.960 - 90All
9’2”22.52.8868.060 - 95All
9’4”22.75370.165 - 100All
9’6”23373.065 - 115All